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Why We Love Red!

Red is a powerful color. It has more primal significance and more influence on the

subliminal mind than any other color. Often considered the color of romance, red inspires attraction to the opposite sex. It represents status in men and fertility in women. Red also inspires feelings of strength, passion and dominance. Studies have shown red to be a color that fosters competition, and is a popular choice for sports teams. Red is also highly effective, and used frequently, in marketing. The word "SALE" is almost always seen in red. Why? Because it creates energy, attracts attention and inspires interaction.

When selecting art that is predominately red, consider the effect it will have on the space where it will live. Red is a great color for dining rooms, inspiring appetite and conversation. It is not, however, a good choice where relaxation is the focus unless it is not the dominant color. For all the positive emotions red can trigger, there are also a few negative emotions. Red is the color of alarm and danger. There is a reason why it is used on Stop signs, traffic lights and other warnings. We have been conditioned over the years, but the subliminal power of red is why it was chosen to begin with. Before there were signs, early humans recognized red as a warning in many situations - blood, fire, poison and more.

This dining room is a beautiful example of how red can energize and dazzle a room. The neutral decor provides the perfect backdrop for this colorful, lively and fun selection of art. Almost all the art featured in this post is by John Newcomb, one of my favorite CT artists who happens to love red! The square geometric abstract is by another favorite CT artist, Jeffrey Starkes. Three different styles and all working beautifully together.


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