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2021 Was a Great Year for Art!

If you are considering jumping into the art market, it looks to be a good time! 2021 was a record setting year for many emerging and lesser known names. Check out our January Newsletter to see some of the top achievers. In addition to some new names hitting the jackpot, the NFT market exploded with record numbers making even some teen artists overnight millionaires. The tried and true blue chips did not disappoint either, giving investors a pleasant return and generating a heightened interest for some new investors. When it comes to art investing, doing your homework is necessary. We advocate strongly for buying what you love, but if your objective is to receive a financial benefit, research is required to be successful.

And if you are wondering what styles and mediums are trending, variety is the the key word. The top sellers included everything from paintings in all styles, pen and ink (featured here), assemblage, wood sculpture to photography. The medium affects the price and potential for future value so it is worth understanding the basics. An oil painting and watercolor by the same artist, will have a different value and price.


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