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Dramatic October Color with the Magic of Surrealism

In our October Newsletter we highlight the dramatic colors of the season - shades of orange, purple, black and green and the magic of Surrealism - a popular art movement of the 1900s is Surreal art is founded in a philosophy that seeks to liberate the mind and unleash the powers of the subconscious and imagination. Think dreamy, bizarre, magical and sexual.

Names like Dali, Miro, Cheval are well known to collectors, but you may not know these other lesser known masters....

If you are looking to create a powerful statement in a room, the colors of October can do just that. The brilliance of orange contrasted with blacks, purples and greens is a dramatic combination and can easily establish a focal point for any room.

Featured here is a piece titled "Vanity" by John Newcomb.

The size and strong colors exude dominance and strength. The style is surreal. The subject is a depiction of strength and humor combined.

A perfect choice for a room where the objective is to inspire conversation and a feeling of playful interaction. The energy radiates into the room and will almost certainly make every viewer smile.


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