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Enhance Your Mind ......Buy for Love

Buying for love is by far the best reason to buy art. Collectors who are driven to buy art out of pure appreciation, engage in the art collecting process primarily for personal enrichment rather than financial gain. Experience varies as some are first time art buyers and others are seasoned and experienced. The art they acquire often connects with them on some inner emotional level. It could be the use of color, the composition of the piece, the subject matter or a connection to the artist or artist’s message.

Whatever the reason, collecting art that is rooted in a foundation of true appreciation is a highly rewarding personal experience and one which has the potential to yield financial rewards. Engaging in the process of acquiring art is psychologically rewarding and educational. Studies documenting the connection between art and brain chemistry are compelling. Read more.....

To understand the true meaning of buying art for love, the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel is a remarkable example. Read our page "The Art of Buying Art" for this endearing and inspiring story.

Successful art collectors have many faces and profiles. Some passionate collectors will often have more art than walls or spaces to display it. For others, the goal is simply to assemble a collection of work they can proudly display and view. An art collection can be 2 or 200,000 pieces. Even owning just one prized work of art can bring years of emotional and visual enjoyment.

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