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Art Consulting and Advisory, Connecticut 

Founded in 2007 by Elizabeth Tardif, Cherry Street Art is a fine art resource for both artists and collectors located in Lower Fairfield County, CT. 

"Why did I start Cherry Street Art?  To assist artists in promoting their work and to assist and guide consumers on how to select and purchase art that suits their style and budget.  Nothing enhances an interior space quite like original art.  The environments we choose to live and work have a profound effect on our personal well being and success.  The colors, shapes and images that surround us will inspire feelings of calm, creativity, energy, motivation, romance, nostalgia and so much more.  As a real estate professional and former interior designer, I know how important it is to choose the right space, but a space without personalization is just a blank canvas.   In the interior design world, art is often thought of as an accessory - the icing on the cake, so to speak.  But I believe art IS the cake -the one design element that defines a space, sets the tone, and determines the style and ambience in the room. 

What better way to express your individuality or inspire an emotion or energy than with original art.  And if it is original, no one else has it.  Who determines your personal style or business message?  You, of course.  


Every space where you live and work,  should be designed to inspire the intent of the room.  Welcoming imagery for an entry way, relaxing imagery for a bedroom, energizing images where dining and conversation take place, images with colors that stimulate creativity, calm or collaboration for an office or meeting room get the idea.  Sometimes the art is just there because you love it.  Whatever the reason for adding art to a space, it is much more than a simple decoration or finishing touch.

Cherry Street Art is here to help you create the most inspiring home or office environment you can imagine.  We have the team and resources to help you find art that suits your style and budget whether decorating, building a collection or making an investment.   Be inspired.  Buy art."

From Our Clients:

"The dining room looked amazing! The new painting was a real ice breaker - everyone was chatting and laughing immediately....just what we wanted!  Thank you!"

"The art changed the entire ambiance of the room.  Amazed and delighted!"

"My office looks much better...thanks...and yes, I do take regular breaks to enjoy the painting.  You were right, it is definitely a de-stressor!"

"Thank you! Who would have thought you could start an art collection without walls!  I love every small perfect piece!"

"We loved our beautiful monochromatic living room - we had no idea how just one painting could bring it from beautiful to extraordinary.  Thank you." 

"Thank you for not "selling" me art, but for showing me why I needed it."

"The party was awesome and the art was show stopping!"

"We are really enjoying our new artwork.  We had them framed and they are up on the walls looking beautiful.  So glad we selected those pieces!"

"The art installation is amazing!  It makes the whole house come to life.  Every room is a treat!"

From Presentation Attendees:

"One of the most informative and interesting talks I have attended. Thank you."

"The speaker Liz was exceptionally excellent.  Thank you for offering her expertise to us."

From Colleagues and Business Associates:

"Your efforts as a much needed liaison have made such a difference.  It has been a pleasure working with you."

"Liz Tardif has been a dream to work with."

"A true professional with an impressive work ethic."

Liz Tardif
Elizabeth Tardif, Founder
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