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Start With The Art

Introducing visual art into any work or living environment immediately transforms the space, establishing a personality and ambience. Art is the one element in the room that most significantly defines the overall visual experience. Even better – original art is unique to the owner and cannot be seen anywhere else. Carefully selected art is not subject to the ever changing styles and trends of interior décor. Long after furnishings, colors and accessories have lost their appeal, art endures.

When beginning a new interior design project, determine the ambiance or impression you want to portray, then start with selecting the art that will achieve the look you want. All other design elements will follow successfully when you use art to launch a design concept.

The environments we choose to live and work affect our psychological and emotional well being. We can be inspired, comforted or energized simply by the ambience created in our homes and offices. Why not create spaces that express your individuality and inspire your personal happiness and success? It is easier than you think. Original art is available in every style, size, medium and price range. With the help of Cherry Street Art, you can start or build an inspiring art collection that suits your preferences and budget.

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