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Our list of services is designed to be personalized and customized for each individual client. 

Artist Business Planning Westport, CT

For anyone who wants to start or add to an art collection, we help you navigate the plethora of outlets and resources that sell art so you know what, where and how to find high quality original art.  The contemporary art market has created an ever expanding level of subjectivity with the regular introduction of new mediums and styles.  Professional advice is more valuable than ever when investing in art.

Building a collection takes time, but the result, as well as the process, is both personally enriching and rewarding.  We start with phone consultations and personal visits to your home or office to learn about you, your style, your life and your art collecting goals or interests.


We do not promote trends, fads, specific artists or styles of art.  Our objective is to help you find the art that suits you and offers you the most in emotional and financial rewards.

Transform your home or office into an inspiring environment.  Think of what you want.....stimulation, energy, inspiration, relaxation, visual power, visual calm, avant-garde, edgy, thought provoking, humorous, fun, colorful.  The possibilities are endless.  Whatever style or atmosphere you want to create, start with the art.  It will be original and will distinguish your unique personal environment that no one else can duplicate.


We curate and install art exhibits for special events or promotional purposes.  An art exhibit can be an effective marketing tool when promoting  luxury services and products as well as add a visual attraction to a space where attracting people is the objective.   Exhibits can be personally curated to help in delivering a particular message or creating a desired image.

Examples:  1) An opening event for a fitness center would feature energetic and powerful images of athletes or athletic feats. 2) Newly built luxury homes will feature an art exhibit that compliments the architecture and location of the home and generate a new audience of viewers.  3) A health care facility will want art that inspires feelings of calm and relaxation.   3) A restaurant or dining area will want art that stimulates appetites and conversation.  

Art has a powerful effect on our emotions and it is often subliminal.   Our professionally curated exhibits and installations can help you achieve your goals and objectives for any home or business.


True artists were born to create.  Our business management and planning services are designed for artists who want to build a business as a professional artist.  We teach the basics of managing a business and how to create a competitive edge for selling work and developing a collector network. 

Time spent on business building activities and tasks is time taken from creating art, generating ideas and mastering techniques.  We help artists manage and balance their time and resources to be more efficient and productive. 

Individual or group sessions for business planning are available.   Complimentary initial consultations are offered. 


Art exhibits are the best way to enhance any privately held or public event.  If you have a business or event you are planning to host, consider a curated art show as part of the marketing and promotional strategy to generate interest and increase your audience.   Art can elevate the image of your event or brand, especially if it involves the luxury living market.   Examples are charity events, boat shows, luxury homes, fine dining, luxury automobiles.  Curatorial services include art selection, installation, removal, sale processing, promotion.

In addition, we deliver educational and informational presentations, either as part of an exhibit or separately, on topics relevant to the visual arts.  Titles of previous art presentations are: "The Importance of Art in Our Society", "The Value of Art Education", "The Art of Buying Art", "Incorporating Art into Your Home", "The History of Landscape Art in America", "Brain Sizzle or Brain Fizzle, Monet vs. Social Media". 


For more information on art exhibits and art presentations please contact us.  We are currently booking presentations for 2018.


When art is desired or needed but buying is not possible or the best option, we offer many rental opportunities.  Renting art temporarily is always by far a better option than going without.  We offer a wide variety of art that is available for rent in short term or long term contracts.   The process is the same for finding art whether to purchase or rent.  We determine the client and display needs, then find the art that works best.

Examples of situations where art rentals can be a good option:

1. Businesses who are in a limited lease but would like to have their work environment enhanced with art.

2. Commercial spaces where it is beneficial for the space to show a revolving selection of original art.

3. Luxury homes being staged for sale where creating a more visually interesting presence in the home could entice more viewers and add to the potential for a sale.

4. Homeowners who may be hosting a significant event where displaying their own valuable art could present a risk and prefer to switch it out, or who want to create a different look for the event using art to change the room personality.

In all rental situations, offering the art for sale is optional.   Rental prices are adjusted when sales result from a rented display.

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