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Artist Business Planning Fairfield, CT
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Art Advisory and Consultation

We provide guidance, support and advice on selecting and acquiring original art to suit any style and budget

whether decorating, collecting or investing.


Art Advisory & Consultation,  Connecticut 

Cherry Street Art provides expertise and guidance in selecting, acquiring and leasing original art.  We serve residential and business clients and work with all budgets and styles.   Novice or experienced, we help you navigate the world of art to insure your investments reap the rewards you desire.  Searching for the right piece of art can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Our expert guidance will save you time and insure you avoid costly mistakes.

  Treat yourself to the enriching and educational experience of adding original art to your world.

Contact us today to learn more. 




Art Advisory and Consultations

Consultations are typically personal meetings at the home or office to discuss art buying objectives, style preferences, budget parameters and strategies for making acquisitions and purchases.  An understanding of art values and personal objectives is very helpful in avoiding costly mistakes.  Guidance is provided for incorporating new art into an existing decor or adding to a collection. 

Curatorial Services 

Art Presentations 


Curated art exhibits are used to enhance and complement many business & marketing purposes.  They can be done in residential or commercial spaces.   We manage the selection,  installation and removal of the exhibit based on the client need and objective.   

Artist Business Planning


Artists are provided with basic business plan development, marketing strategies, business operation tools, and promotional concepts to develop and build a collector base.  On going support is available if an artist feels it will be useful in maintaining a disciplined business development program. 

Art Rentals


In situations where art is desired in a space but only for a limited period of time, leasing options are available with customized terms based on the size and style of art and specific needs of the client. 



Curatorial Services Westport, CT
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