Art Advisory and Consultation

We help you with everything you need to know about what, how and where to buy art that suits your style and budget..


Art Advisory & Consultation,  Connecticut 

Cherry Street Art provides expertise and guidance in selecting, acquiring and leasing original art.  We serve residential and business clients and work with all budgets and styles.   Whether you are a novice or experienced collector, or just looking to add art to a temporary location or project, our extensive international library of artists has something for everyone.

  We encourage everyone to explore the rewarding benefits of building a collection or adding art to your home or office..

  Enrich your surroundings, showcase your style and personality, add original art. 




Art Advisory and Consultations

If you are looking for something specific, or just trying to figure out where to start, our guidance and expertise saves time and money and prevents costly mistakes.

Curatorial Services 

Art Presentations 


Curated art exhibits are used to enhance and complement many business & marketing purposes.  We create exhibits and educational presentations that meet your objective.

Artist Business Planning


A true artist is born to create. We provide assistance with the business aspect of building an art career and developing a collector base for dedicated professional artists. 

Art Rentals


For individuals or businesses who need visual art as a temporary enhancement, short and long term leasing options are available. 



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Westport, CT 

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